About us

Art is one of the most powerful tools we have to connect people throughout society and unite them behind worthy charitable causes. Through emotional impact and imaginative perspective, art challenges each of us to confront new topics and inspires us to action. ConnectArt seeks to use this power to connect people to the most pressing challenges facing society and raise money to advance causes that are addressing these challenges. Our not-for-profit organization achieves this mission through its multiple activities, such as our Musée En/Ligne MEL, art.icle blog, and events.

L'art est l'un des outils les plus puissants dont nous disposons pour connecter les gens à travers la société et les unir derrière des causes caritatives dignes. Par un impact émotionnel et une perspective imaginative, l'art met chacun de nous au défi de confronter de nouveaux sujets et nous inspire à l'action. ConnectArt cherche à utiliser ce pouvoir pour connecter les gens aux défis les plus pressants auxquels la société est confrontée et lever des fonds pour faire avancer les causes qui relèvent ces défis. Notre organisation à but non lucratif réalise cette mission à travers ses multiples activités, telles que notre Musée En/Ligne MEL, le blog art.icle et ses événements.

The team

CO-CHAIR / Bryn Orth-Lashley
CO-CHAIR / William Mercer
CREATIVE DIRECTOR / Alexia Georgieva
EDITOR OF art.icle / Tamara Attia
CURATOR / Emma Rose Di Iorio
TREASURER / Cédric Alston
CONTENT CREATOR / Émile de Vasconcelos-Taillefer
LEAD ARTIST / Dominic Depeyre
GRAPHIC DESIGNER / Francisco Sebire

Bryn Orth-Lashley

Bryn Orth-Lashley is an astrophysicist by training, a satellite mission engineer by trade, and a pianist and musical theatre actor by passion. He was one of the leads of the recent launch of the RADARSAT Constellation Mission – a trio of satellites for the Government of Canada designed to image the Earth. With the images being taken from space, we see an ever-changing world with many new challenges to tackle.

With such a diverse background of interests, he understands that it is at the intersection of disciplines where powerful connections can flourish into whole new ways of perceiving the world. It was with that realization that he co-founded ConnectArt with the hope of harnessing the power of art to connect people to important causes . Bryn’s passion for volunteerism is driven by the desire to continue fighting for a better world that is fair and just for all. A volunteer since a child, his passion truly took hold when he became President of the Trinity College Volunteer Society in Toronto, raising money and organizing events for food kitchens, clean water in developing countries, and girls education programs with Plan Canada. He hopes that ConnectArt will continue the fight! Connected together we can change the world!

Willliam Mercer

William first discovered his passion for charity work in high school when he partook in the co-founding of Friperie CND, a charitable organization at Collège Notre-Dame that sold used uniforms at affordable prices to provide students with affordable uniforms and donate the funds to a charitable cause, such as the CHU Sainte-Justine.

After completing a degree in social sciences, with a concentration in Law, Society & Justice, at Marianopolis College, he now pursues his studies in law at Université de Montréal. Seeking to work in the corporate legal sphere, after having completed a class on Corporate Social Responsibility at Aix-Marseille University, he wishes to pursue along this path in implementing compliance measures in workspaces. He now sits on a compliance board for a multinational.

As a co-founding member of ConnectArt, he wishes to contribute his past experiences to further developing community relationships and advancing the arts a long time passion of his.

William has recently been invited to sit on the board of the Cercle des Jeunes Philanthropes of the Musée des Beaux- Arts de Montréal.

Alexia Georgieva

Native from Bulgaria, Alexia Georgieva graduated in Health Sciences at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf in 2017 and is currently completing her third year in Molecular and Cell Biology at the Concordia University. This past year, as a result of her growing interest for the creative world, Alexia has decided to undertake a minor in writing at Concordia to extend her studies.

Alexia’s passion for art grew through her rhythmic gymnastics and dance careers. She’s had the opportunity to dance in the Nutcracker, a production of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens'. Alexia wishes to continue her studies in journalism because it is very important for her to have a voice in this world. Besides, one of her biggest dreams would be to apply her scientific knowledge in the field of fashion to make this industry more eco-responsible by creating biodegradable fabrics and dyes that would be less toxic for the environment. As a member of ConnectArt, she wants to help her community throughout art, her biggest passion.

Tamara Attia

Tamara is currently completing her J.D. at Université de Montréal. In the summer of 2020, Tamara joined the team to expand its digital and print publication platform art.icle. ConnectArt’s blog explores various artistic themes whilst providing a platform for many artists to share their messages.

Tamara has always been an active member of her community. Her interest in art charitable activities emerged whilst displaying her work at Commun’Art, an annual event whereby all proceeds raised by the sale of artworks is donated directly to the Fondation CHU Sainte-Justine.

Emma Rose Di Iorio

Emma Rose Di Iorio is an Italian Canadian graduate in art history of Concordia University. Born and raised in Montreal, she has travelled in almost every continent and developed further interest for cultures, art, and politics. In the summer of 2019, she participated in a summer program in Israel where she studied the political, cultural and religious aspect of the state at the Hebrew U university. Her impressive knowledge for world affairs and interest for the arts gives her a wisdom that is unique. She also is involved in the art world, obviously by her own studies in art history and also as an active member as she worked as an intern in an art gallery for an award winning Canadian artist, Lisabel, in Montreal. She also takes singing lessons and photography classes in an aim to further develop her artistic abilities. Her knowledge of world development and business led her to seek ways to help her community by volunteering to many charity events like the Jonquille Ball and she also volunteers at L'accueil Bonneau. Her involvement in many spheres of our modern life makes her an excellent member of the team.

Cédric Alston

Cédric is born and raised in Montréal. Currently attending Concordia's John Molson School of Business in International Business, Cédric is stimulated by global issues and their effects, passionate about finding comprehensive and fair solutions, and driven by the desire of an international harmony.

Joining with the ConnectArt team, Cédric hopes his involvement will allow him to use his baggage and help gather his community through art and create awareness for an array of causes he values.

Kelsey Nowlan

Kelsey is a graduate of George Brown College in Fashion Management. Her appreciation for the artistic freedom clothing provides paired with her passion for storytelling has led her to work internationally and domestically in fashion marketing. Her goal is to tell the story of a brand or organization in a way that excites and inspires others. With her extensive experience in social media development for emerging enterprises, she has joined the team in order to expand our outreach and create extensive programming for our digital presence.

Kelsey is also a content creator for art.icle, our blog platform, whereby she has recently explored themes of messaging behind contemporary art. She hopes to continue exploring the ever changing world of art through her writing.

Émile de Vasconcelos-Taillefer

Born into a family of dancers, Émile de Vasconcelos-Taillefer was exposed early on to the world of the arts for which he developed a keen interest. Discovering his affinity for words at the beginning of high school, he cultivated his passion for writing throughout his teenage years.

Simultaneously, Émile ceased every opportunity he got to perform on stage in amateur theatre productions, student films or in his parents’ professional dance-theatre shows. Only after completing a degree in Liberal arts at Marianopolis College did he gave in to his love for the family trade. From then on, he dedicated all his time and energy to various dance formations. He currently studies contemporary dance at École de danse contemporain de Montréal.

Recently joining us as a Content Creator for our blog art.icle, Émile brings a new perspective to the team that was mainly comprised of curators and writers focusing on visual arts by bridging his passion for words and the performing arts.

Dominic Depeyre

Dominic is a Montreal based artist that has reached the international scene at the age of 17 through social media. Consequently, he’s deeply anchored in contemporary culture and wants to see the art scene evolve. While selling his work in many countries, he is currently finishing his studies in Visual Arts at the Cégep du Vieux Montréal, which is only the first academical step in his artistic career.

Joining ConnectArt, Dominic hopes to put his knowledge to good use and to advocate for this crucial yet so often forgotten part of our common identity that is Art. He believes this societal project needs more support than ever, and that it can only be achieved with the participation of our community.

Francisco Sebire

Francisco is a Dawson Graphic Design program graduate currently working as a freelancer. His design style is generally restrained and minimal although versatile and dynamic.

Francisco completed a semester at Concordia in Hispanic Studies prior to attending graphic design school in the Netherlands at The Hague.

Graphic design and art go hand in hand. With a passion for art and Montreal’s youth culture, Francisco works create cohesive pieces of design for the ConnectArt organization. With a Spanish, Venezuelan, and French cultural background, he is passionate about international relations and learning about different cultures. Because of his origins, adaptation into different settings is common for Francisco. This is why he appreciates all forms of expression.