Anthony Harvey has lived in Montreal for several years. His inspiration comes from diversity and metropolitan action. Constantly in search of ideal techniques to express his creative vision, he moves away from hyperrealism to orient himself more towards subjectivity and emotion, among other things using different mediums. Always attracted by the traditional portrait, his works remain in the figurative field. Among the artist's influences are Edward Hopper, Anna Park and Mark Tennant, to name a few.

His recent work reinterprets various everyday scenes, which he says are an infinite source of inspiration. He observes, photographs, studies, breaks down, merges and recomposes the moments observed. The final reinterpretation, sometimes familiar or scary, therefore constitutes a possible scene, partially or entirely recomposed. The process is therefore just as important as the result.

He works mainly with charcoal, applying and removing the medium veryinteractive, in successive and imperfect layers. He uses detail or total abstraction in a contrasting and disjointed manner through his compositions to encourage the eye to go further through the work.


Charcoal and conte on paper
15 cm x 15 cm
Only armed with a charcoal, Anthony Harvey is able to show an overwhelming expression. He presents what he sees in everyday life, and souvenirs of pre-pandemic life where physical closeness was not an issue. Recalling his trip to Chicago, he longs for a return to normalcy.

Gigi Hadid

Yoga mat
Charcoal on paper
50 cm x 71 cm
A drawing of a crowd, in a sketch like manner creates a flow of movements of the figures. Harvey's ability to capture facial expressions so accurately reaches individual emotional depth. Here, the frenetic movement of the crowd in their close quarters creates an anxious filled atmosphere.

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