“For a short description of my artistic journey. Which started to take form in childhood but was eclipsed by my highschool and Cégep career. During those formative years of mine my interest for science and mathematics grew exponentially to the point that after gaining my DEC in science from Collège Jean de Brébeuf, I went to University in mathematics. I only survived four weeks before realizing the monumental mistake I was making. I Then changed to work on my own in litterature, one of my growing passions at the time. It is when that I started to teach myself how to paint alone in my bedroom. However, my growing passion grew passed the comfort of my room. It is then that I was offered from a friend studying in art to participate in a studio to paint. After a year, I decided to enroll at Concordia to push my knowledge in makings of art in multiple available mediums.

My journey enabled me to develop a cartesian and structured mind, which is often reflected in my work. I explore an aesthetic approach of space, of forms and of colours in an architectural semi-abstract dream-like Universe.”


Palm Spring-Desert x
However dream like his compositions might be, his inspiration is proven to come from reality. Here he creates from real views of Palm Springs’s desert through his photography. Views of the Palm Spring desert are captured with similar metaphysical elements found in his paintings: architectural cubic masses with massive bold colours, simple planes and compressed space. These snapshots show us how surreal the world can feel like.

Gigi Hadid

Palm Spring-Desert x

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