Dominic Depeyre

Dominic Depeyre is a Montreal-based visual artist. Through ink and black and white minimalism, his work revolves around human interactions and their existential implications.He graduated Cégep du Vieux Montréal’s fine art program in 2019 and has since then held his first solo exhibition. His work is held in both private and public collections.Dominic Depeyre is currently undergoing the application process to study fine art in Germany in the fall of 2020.


On s'en Lasse
Encre de chine on paper
100 cm x 183 cm
In French, “on s’enlasse” roughly means “we’re hugging’’, while “on s’en lasse” roughly means “we’re disinterested’’. The word play hints at these two actions happening at the same time, the former being the positive space, the latter being the negative one. The piece juxtaposes a past where the two beings shared one another to a present where this connection is vanishing and will soon have completely dissapeared.

Gigi Hadid

To Be One
Ink on wood, 2019
122cm x 122cm
Exploring what unites two individuals. As their respective matter transcends their bodies, they briefly become a single entity. No distinction is to be made between the two figures. They have been stripped down to the simplest and purest of shape, line. They are approaching singularity.

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