Félixe Minière is a young French-Canadian painter based in Montreal. It is through painting, which she considers ''her house'', that she invites spectators to take for one’s own use what they see, while being guided by shapes, lines, colors and light. Her first exhibition, which took place at the Art Lounge Cafe Mtl in May 2019, confirmed her desire to continue her studies in Fine Arts. She graduated from the Visual Arts program at Cégep du Vieux Montréal in December 2019 and will debut her studies in Painting and Drawing at Concordia in September 2020. She is currently working on two exhibitions that will help her stand out.


Jardin japonais
Acrylic on canvas, 2020
As Jardin Japonais approaches the Hard Edge movement, it distinguishes itself by combining the juxtaposition of these sharp shapes with their organic nature. The linearity of certain hues is skillfully sprinkled in the composition, so that a vanishing point emerges and catches the eye of the beholder. This perspective rivals the weight of the colors: from their respective disorder emerges an overall balance.

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