Isabella Greenwood

Isabella Greenwood is a London based multi media artist currently in her last year at McGill University, where she studies Art history, Philosophy, and Gender/Feminist studies. Isabella has been painting her whole life, despite not ever having any formal art training. It has rather been through her own experimentation with themes, different mediums, and materials, that she has found her style, though this creative exploration is in constant flux. Her main concerns, and communications, through her art, include both inspiring a sense of visual curiosity, as well conveying contemporary social issues, from climate change, and women’s oppression, to the Covid-19 crisis we face today. Her inspiration lies not in a specific object or site, but rather as a way of perpetually perceiving all things as having the possibility to inspire, and her hopes are that her paintings do the same.


Secret Lover to the Sunset Supplies
Techniques mixtes sur toile
50 cm x 50cm
At first glance, the general tone of the painting reminds the one from The Grand Budapest Hotel movie because of its predominance of pink tint and the refined but imposing architecture of the building. Whether or not it is a nod to this cinematographic masterpiece, the painting itself brings us into its own almost utopic universe; one that does not fail to present united women as important, emblematic even, figures of society.

Gigi Hadid

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