'' Born in Quebec City, I was introduced to sculpture by my grandfather as a teenager. I discovered the pleasure of woodworking, but I gradually abandoned this activity for professional reasons. After a busy professional career, I began dreaming about metal work without having any notion how to work this new medium. I even woke up at night imagining ways to make metal tree sculptures. I asked welding a specialist to give me a basic training, then I invested myself intensely in this new skill. A few weeks later, I realized my first tree. A little puny, almost sickly, this first tree was a great pride because I fore saw the trees to come. The next stage took time and effort, but the trees became sturdier, more furnished, more naturel looking. Living in an inspiring environment, by a beautiful lake, in an agricultural region where nature envelops and nourishes, I set up my studio behind my home. I find myself in a cocoon surrounded by a beautiful hill that hosts thousands of flowers, plants, fruit trees and, especially, beautiful rocks that inspire me; rocks have become an integral part of my projects as iron combines with rocks and minerals to reflect my waking dreams. ''


For Gilles Drolet, trees are a source of deep inspiration, not only for their beauty, but for what they symbolize. Strength, perseverance, renewal, all relevant qualities in the trials he experienced during his life. Their miniature sizes allow us to put the trees under a new perspective. We often take their presence for granted, but yet they are essential.

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