Graduate of Enaai, School in Design and Graphic Arts in Chambéry (France), Lucas Saenger is a French artist, based in Montreal since 2013. After spending a few years practicing as a graphic designer, he now works as a freelance artist on various projects, from logo to murals, through album covers. "My work develops in several ways: on the one hand, very refined and minimalist visuals, and on the other hand, more instinctive drawings, closer to a comic-type universe, sometimes these two worlds mix together. This allows me to experiment, and not to remain fixed in what I am used to do, and be versatile in front of different creative projects.


Zany and entertaining, Saenger never ceases to bring fun new angles to graphic design. His graffiti style brings a light touch to all his projects.Here we see him do some of his best work with a tag-inspired style to his alias. His comic and cool design enables whatever desired message to stick with the viewer.

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