"Peter Vladimirov-Jitenski is a 21-year-old fashion design student, born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria. At the age of 12, Jitenski leaves to attend St-Gilgen International School in Austria, where he graduates with an IB diploma in Visual Arts being one of his higher levels. His passion for the fine arts led him into the field of fashion - currently in the middle of his undergraduate at Instituto Marangoni in Paris, specializing in womenswear. After having received media attention this past year both in Paris and Sofia, Jitenski has dropped his first ever capsule collection “CO/DECO/NSTRUCT” July 2nd, at the Nuance Art Gallery in Sofia. The collection portrays a dialogue between art and fashion, raising questions of consumerism, androgyny and the conformist burdens of modern society."


Through his work, Jitenski manipulates diverging abstract notions while trying to create conceptual stories allowing him to expose his inner artistic universe.   Seeking to highlight the absolute potential of each fabric he uses, Jitenski brings life to the garment through various techniques such as "collage" and layering. Despite their varied origins, his materials have a point of unification being their durability and environmentally conscious production. His first capsule collection CO / DECO / NSTRUCT materializes the eternal dialogue/contradiction between art and fashion. In addition to retrieving inspiration from visual references (the works of Christo and Jean-Claude) he explores: "the concept of metamorphosis as an endless process which, in a physical manifestation contains the idea of ​​mortality and ephemerality". This collection photographed by Zlatimir Arakliev and modelled by the Bulgarian model Beloslava Hinova aims to liberate women from the norms of gender. Throughout this project, he initiates a dialogue about the meaning of fashion and its use as a means of personal expression in our contemprary world.

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