Aspiring to be different and make her mark, Romy Lagüe has always wanted to create clothing. Despite the cliche and trying to turn towards other paths, she’s been indulged by the art of creation. With still much to learn, she’s developed a new set of skills after just three months of learning to sew and recreate her vision. In hopes of someday creating more unique, artistic, ready-to-wear collections, here is a glimpse of her first design attempt inspired by the delicacy and beauty of nature.


The inaugural collection of the Made by Romy label was photographed in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles. A neighborhood that is greatly recognized for its theatrical and dynamic performances, the fusion of an immobile art in a context as mobile as the district is representative of the dynamic and emerging approach adopted by Lagüe. Movement has always been incorporated into the apprehension of fabrics by big fashion houses, but to direct a collection on this subject is refreshing and innovative. The Lagüe Cruise Collection puts forward patterns and fabrics that enhance the seasonal transition in an efficient and stylish way.

Gigi HadidGigi Hadid

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